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Rise to the Top in the Networking Field with CCNP

CCNP is a high in demand course which aims to upgrade your existing networking knowledge. You acquire information on the use of advanced routing in implementing scalability for Cisco routers connected to LANs and WANs. By attaining this impressive certification, you gain extensive networking skillsets which unlock a wide range of professional IT roles.

CCNP upskills you to:

  • Understand advanced routing, switching, and troubleshooting
  • Monitor, and maintain secure networks
  • Plan, execute, and troubleshoot enterprise networks
  • Apply Wireless Client Authentication
  • Troubleshoot Wireless Client Connectivity
  • Work with Virtual Private Networks and Interfaces
  • Use Wireless Principles
  • Examine Wireless Deployment Options
  • Professionals with practical experience of installing, operating, and maintaining Cisco routers and switches in an enterprise environment

Getting a CCNP certification qualifies you for an array of employment opportunities and the chance to earn a higher salary. According to research conducted by Cisco, individuals that are CCNP certified are earning at the least 10% more than those employed at the same position, but without the certification. CCNP certifications make you eligible for positions that have high growth expected in the coming years. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that computer, information systems managers and network architects can expect to see a growth of at least 15% between the years 2012 and 2022.

  • Telecom Engineer
  • Sr.Network Manager
  • CISCO Engineers


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