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Microsoft Power BI

Play the Power Game with BI

Microsoft Power BI trains you to design reports that work with a variety of data sources. Power BI lends something to everyone from beginners to professionals who wish to leverage existing data sources to build engaging dashboards right up to knowledgeable users who may query data sources and construct data models to fuel business reports.

Power BI gives you the turbo boost to:

  • Analyze data with power analytics
  • Create power BI reports and auto filter
  • Report visualizations and property
  • Chart and map report properties
  • Import data from PDFs, regions of web pages, and collections of files
  • Characterize data with data profiling
  • Merge mismatched data sets with fuzzy matching
  • Generate custom columns in power query
  • Perform advanced data modeling
  • Use Power BI time intelligence
  • Work with custom scripts in R and Python
  • Create KPIs and scorecards
  • O/A Level/High School Students/ Graduates / Under Graduates
  • Corporate Professionals

Power BI tops the list of popular tools due to its ease and interactive visualization. It offers self-service analytics capability to let end-users create reports and dashboards. Power BI developers are hired to design and develop BI reports and for providing insights to improve decision-making. They have wide knowledge over business intelligence, data integration, data warehousing, modelling, database, and technical aspects of BI tools. Power BI role is in demand as the global intelligence market size is expected to grow by US$ 33.3billlion by 2025 at a 7.6% CAGR during the forecast period.

  • Power BI Developers
  • Power BI Analysts


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