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MS Office for Kids & Teens

For the Digital Stars of Tomorrow

MS Office for Kids puts you on the right track towards digital success. It starts you off at a young age to connect the dots and gain a superb grip on MS Word, MS Power Point and MS Excel. This fully loaded course ensures that you get a firm foundation as beginner and transform into a power user. Learn super skills you need to be in full control of the features and functions of the Microsoft Office suite. This accredited course is 100% hands-on, with exercises to help you practice the new skills and race ahead.

  • Frame documents, embed videos & set up online collaboration for shared work or school projects with MS Word
  • Prepare elegant presentations with animation, audio / video & collaboration tools with MS Power Point
  • Create basic spreadsheets with MS Power Point
  • Format documents effectively
  • Control page formatting and flow with sections & page breaks
  • Apply Data Management Tools
  • Learn Introduction to Formula
  • Work with charts
  • Kids & Teens


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