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Microsoft Office

Boost Your Performance with Essential IT Skills for Every Workplace!

Microsoft Office is the most widely used software suite in organizations worldwide. This all-in-one training course provides comprehensive instruction on three popular MS Office programs: MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Microsoft Office trains you as students, teachers and professionals to become adept in your work. Now, it has never been easier to create high-quality documents; store, organize and analyze information; arithmetic operations and functions; and create dynamic slide presentations with animation, narration, images, and much more, digitally and effectively. This is surely a one-stop solution for all the IT-related work you need to do with an instant boost in performance and higher productivity.

Microsoft Office trains you to:

  • Manage all Microsoft Word functions
  • Manipulate spreadsheet on Excel
  • Make powerful presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Page setup
  • Compare & merge documents
  • Create forms using fields and advanced tools
  • Share & protect documents
  • Track changes
  • Create labels
  • Format tables
  • Format documents
  • Create spreadsheets & tables
  • Insert Formulas & Functions
  • Design presentations
  • O/A Level/High School Students
  • School teachers
  • All Professionals – General Office staff

Microsoft Office is used by over a million companies worldwide. It will come as no surprise that employers want applicants who can create, collaborate and communicate effectively. Therefore, a crucial understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is essential for people searching for new jobs or looking to enhance efficiency in their work. In fact, in job postings from any industry, Microsoft Office is listed under required skills and qualifications for almost every position. So, this is a must-have credential in this digital era.

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