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Lead the IT Industry with Linux

Linux is designed to provide you with the most important and frequently performed administrative operations for a Red Hat or CentOS system. This globally recognized certification enables you to perform operations and execute commands on the system. All the commands, as well as the graphical user interface, GNOME 3 and applications such as Cockpit, are used in the class run on either Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or CentOS 8.

Linux leads you towards:

  • Linux system administration tasks
  • Installation and establishment of network connectivity
  • Manage physical storage
  • Basic security administration
  • Use essential tools for handling files, directories, command-line environments and documentation
  • Operate running systems
  • Configure local storage using partitions and logical volumes
  • Create and configure file systems
  • Manage users and groups and security
  • Graduates
  • IT professionals who do not have experience working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or a Centos 8
  • System Administrators

The Open Source Jobs Report found that 88% of technology professionals are using DevOps practices. While DevOps is a set of principles and practices and therefore does not explicitly require Linux knowledge, the whole point of using DevOps is to build and run things like applications which require an operating system, and Linux is the most popular OS out there for enterprise applications. There are innumerable examples in how technologies like networking, embedded systems, IoT, AI, mobile phones, automobiles, and more rely on Linux. It is definitely in-demand.

  • Linux Administrator
  • Linux System Administrator


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