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IELTS is an international level aptitude test that checks your ability to use English language for study, work and migration. IELTS course prepares you to become proficient in the four areas, namely; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW). Band scores of 0-9 are awarded to the candidates by the official assessing bodies and attaining a higher score spells success in securing better college, job or immigration opportunities. Hence, if you want to access limitless possibilities then IELTS is your road to a great future.

IELTS elevates you to:

  • Improve all four language skills
  • Provides deep understanding of the different question types
  • Guides as to how to respond to questions & follow instructions
  • Gives hands-on practice to take the language proficiency test
  • Grasp the mechanics of the exam
  • Help to recognize different text types
  • Learn how to skim, scan & focus
  • Write a variety of different types of essays, letters & reports
  • Evaluate & self-correct speaking
  • Demonstrate enhanced vocabulary & grammatical structures
  • Show improved listening skills for overall comprehension & details
  • College/University Entrants
  • Professionals
  • Prospective Migrants

IELTS provides a launch pad to greater success for embarking on the journey into the English-speaking world. One of the reasons why IELTS is so popular is that it is widely accepted by more than 11,000 organizations in over 140 countries. IELTS test results are used as verification by a variety of organizations, including universities, colleges, schools and governments, as well as professional and industry bodies. Hence, such an authentic test broadens the career scope through multiple avenues around the globe.

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