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Jump-start your High-Powered Career with CCNA!

CCNA course gives you a broad range of fundamental knowledge for all IT careers. A well-integrated combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and self-study, trains you to install, operate, configure, and verify basic networks. This accredited course forms a foundation in network programmability, automation, and software-defined networking. This is the sure-hit way for you to unlock more job opportunities in the high-growth sectors globally.

CCNA spurs you to:

  • Describe the features & functions of Internetwork Operating System (IOS) software
  • Describe LANs & the role of switches
  • Describe Ethernet as the network access layer of TCP/IP
  • Describe threat defense technologies
  • Identify & resolve common switched network issues
  • Network engineering
  • Routing protocols
  • Operational support
  • SAN networking knowledge
  • Unified Communication
  • OSI model
  • Multicasting knowledge: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Cisco ASA Firewalls.

A Level/High School Students – + networking know-how

All Professionals – + one or more years networking experience

One of the most notable advantages of CCNA is that it can serve as a nexus to other areas of IT. It allows a forward leap from the role of network administrator plus be used as a validation of IT skills and knowledge that can be applied in diverse domains. As you can clearly see, obtaining a CCNA certification opens more doors than it can be imagined. Instead, CCNA can be a launchpad to take the knowledge and skills that the CCNA cert validates to the far reaches of the IT career world. Hence, this is by far the best credential to have for a greater impact and limitless work possibilities.

  • Network Engineer
  • NOC Engineer
  • Network Administrator


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