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The Net Languages English for Work modules are designed to do just this. There are a total of nine modules available at two levels: Lower Intermediate (B1) and Upper Intermediate (B2). Each module focuses on a specific area of using English in the workplace and can be combined with as many other modules as necessary. In this way we can cater to each person’s specific work-related needs.

Offered Module (s)

  • Dealing with the Public/Communication Skills
  • Applying for a Job

Language is always presented in context and students are always asked to focus on meaning before they look at form. Exercises are carefully staged to take students through guided-discovery exercises which effectively engage them in cognitive processes. This approach is extremely effective and means that students are much more able to use the language they have learned appropriately.

Net Languages offers two versions of the English for Work modules, a Premium version and an Essential version. The Premium version contains tutorials for practice with an online tutor or teacher. Each Premium module contains between 22 and 25 hours of study material. The Essential version is a self-access version which does not include these sections and contains between 18 and 20 hours of study material.

  • Both versions of the course can be used as 100% online course or as part of a blended learning package
  • Both versions are programmed in html5 and are fully compatible with iPads, Android tablets, laptops and PCs
  • The material allows full tracking and exporting options

The course is designed for young adults and adults who need to improve how they use English in a work context or who are planning to work in a job in which they will need to use English.

  • It is ideal for use with universities, government institutions and corporations


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