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An IT savvy workforce is essential for economic progress in the 21st century. Nodebook provides globally recognized skill-based certifications and diploma programs. Nodebook’s instructors and counsellors deliver world class instruction and craft practical career pathways for every student. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our students are valuable participants in the global economy.


Some Special Management From The Industry!

Mr. Javed Ahmed

Founder & Director Nodebook

Javed Ahmed is an investor based in the UK.  In a personal capacity, Javed has an interest in sustainable energy solutions for emerging economies. He is also keenly focused on improving education outcomes for students and professionals in Pakistan. Javed grew up in Karachi. Javed received a BA in Math and Economics from Yale  University and a JD-MBA from Harvard University.

Dr. Rehana Ahmed

Director Nodebook

Dr Rehana Ahmed is a medical doctor trained in Pakistan and UK, with an executive MBA from Columbia University, New York. Her skills span across the medical, management, leadership, and governance areas over 25 years. Dr Rehana is the founder of social franchising in several countries with the specific purpose of improving quality and increasing access to family health services in the private health sector. During her decade in East Africa she has propagated the partial social franchise model in PS Kenya and set up MSI’s flagship brand of BlueStar franchise in 37 + countries of Asia and Africa. She has also assisted the German Government Development Bank KfW in the design of output-based aid voucher programs. At the UN she contributed as the reproductive health specialist for the Millennium Villages project for East Africa. She is currently serving on the boards of Greenstar Social Marketing, Pakistan, Population International Services, Washington DC, Population Services, Kenya, South Africa, First Governing Body FP (69 Countries) and Nodebook (Private) Limited.

Ms. Shehla Piracha Imran

C.E.O. Nodebook

Shehla Piracha Imran has been associated with the education sector for almost two decades. She has an accredited degree of Masters in English and TESOL from the UK. She has been engaged with teacher development organizations, conducted training programs and mentored students plus teachers. She is an educationist who has monitored, assessed and devised policies in the educational framework for quality solutions. In addition, Shehla is a content strategist, published writer and contributed articles in leading English newspapers as well as curated compelling social media/website content. She has worked in national and international organizations including the British Council and other reputed colleges/universities. where she has taught graduate and post graduate courses. Shehla has remained in leading positions throughout her professional tenure and has won several prestigious awards for her teaching and leadership skills. Now, she assertively strives to create impactful real-world learning for the youth to open up work avenues both locally and globally. 

Mr. Nouman Ur Rahim

Head Of IT Nodebook

Nouman ur Rahim is a veteran in the field of IT with a vast experience and expertise of over 15 years mainly in the Middle East. He has a varied exposure to different IT domains including call centre solutions, school management systems and other prominent projects. With a globally recognized degree in IT from Malaysia and accredited Diploma from Australia, he is currently pursuing a Diploma in Data Science. Nouman has worked in critical IT roles in liaison with the ministries and corporate sectors for implementing IT centred infrastructure. His work has brought him recognition abroad and he endeavors to project Pakistan onto the IT scene of the world through sustainable skilling strategies.

Glocal Vision

Transform human capital through world class skill based education that creates a globally competitive Pakistani workforce.

Impactful Mission

Deliver accelerated and accredited courses which unleash the potential of each learner to become work-ready with connected career pathways.

Connected Concept

The primary objective of this premier institution is to create work-study models spurred by a digitally-enhanced learning environment.



To offer a holistic education model with a keen focus on application through hands-on learning


To deliver top-of-the-line skill- building courses and programs


To offer customized courses to meet the individual and industrial needs


To improve the communicative competence in fusion with the target skill sets


To check the candidate level and provide entry in the right learning pathway


To counsel the students and professionals on the potentially viable career routes


To provide work possibilities in the industry which lead towards employment

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